AI For Youth: Intel brings program that teaches artificial intelligence to young people in Brazil

AI For Youth: Intel brings program that teaches artificial intelligence to young people in Brazil
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Intel announced, this Thursday (15), the launch of AI For Youth in Europe. The program aims teach artificial intelligence skills inclusively to young peopleand will arrive in the country through a partnership with Centro Paula Souza, the body that manages the Technical School (Etec) and the Faculty of Technology (Fatec) in the State of São Paulo.

With AI For Youth, the expectation is that young people from 13 to 19 years of age awaken interest in an area that needs qualified professionals, and through their training, fill the existing gap in information technology (IT).

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Dozens of teachers were trained to apply their knowledge to students from public technical and higher education in the state of São Paulo. The understanding of what artificial intelligence is, the use of tools and the creation of solutions based on this technology are some of the concepts discussed in the course for teachers.

The training took place at Intel’s headquarters, in São Paulo, and had a total duration of 20 hours, covering more than thirty different modules. With this, teachers will be able to bring knowledge to the classroom through active learning methodologies, such as solving real problems by applying the concept of AI.

“The partnership between Intel and the CPS will bring new opportunities for improvement to our students and teachers”, comments Laura Laganá, director-superintendent of Centro Paula Souza. “It is an honor to be among the international partners of AI For Youth, an initiative that allows young people to increase their possibilities of insertion and action in the area.”

Present in a total of 27 countries, including other regions of Latin America, the project aims to prepare students for the new era of computing aided by artificial intelligence. According to research cited by Intel, the segment is expected to grow by around 20% annually until 2024, increasing market demand for AI professionals.

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“We have many openings, but few qualified professionals to fill them”, explains Gisselle Ruiz Lanza, general director of Intel for Latin America. “With this initiative, we were able to nurture an interest in technology in young people, presenting them with a possible career that will have a long future and is increasingly essential for world business.”

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