WhatsApp does not work: unable to send messages

whatsapp does not work: unable to send messages
whatsapp does not work: unable to send messages

whatsapp not working

WhatsApp crashes are unpredictable. Until a few years ago, they used to coincide with the deployment of an important function, such as voice calls, or with events that increased traffic (Christmas, New Year, etc). However, for some time now, they are quite random and difficult to understand. In addition, the company never usually gives too many details about it. Rather, he never gives details about the falls.

From approximately 10:40 p.m., Spanish time, the WhatsApp messaging service has stopped working. Users have stopped being able to send and receive messages, although the fall has been quite progressive. In fact, we have been able to send messages for a few minutes, then it stayed connected and then we received messages again, but right now it is impossible to do anything.

Social networks, like Twitter, are a hotbed of user complaints about the fall of WhatsApp. In addition, unlike other occasions, we have messages in all languages, which indicates a global drop in service and not localized only in Spain. The official WhatsApp accounts, as usual, have not commented on the matter.

someone explain to me what happens with whatsapp please

— aqsa (@not_aqsa) April 28, 2022

Why’s WhatsApp gotta be down for again😫😫 do not need this

— Aliceeee♡ (@Alicemccarthyx) April 28, 2022

I ran to open Twitter to see if WhatsApp had crashed and indeed 🙃

– Federica (@FedeeHernandez) April 28, 2022

We leave you some of the thousands of messages that appear every second on Twitter about the fall of WhatsApp. Interestingly, we also have some users who indicate that they can use it without problems, although it is not widespread. On pages like downdetector The reports do not stop increasing and we already have more than 3000 at 10:50 p.m. this Thursday, April 28, 2022.

The latest fall of WhatsApp, and other services such as Facebook or Instagram, goes back to October of last year. Interestingly, the messaging service passed Christmas with a note with hardly any relevant problems. Last year’s October slump came to an unexpected end. WhatsApp, for the first time in years, used its Twitter account to report that they were experiencing some problems and were working to return everything to normal.

At the time, the bug seemed to be related to the bug DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN from the Facebook DNS servers. These don’t work, so you can’t resolve addresses and access their services. The company took about 5 hours to solve the problem, let’s hope they are faster this time.

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