The simple action to save parking in Android Auto and Google Maps

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Google has updated its version of Android for cars allowing you to quickly indicate where a car has been parked with one click.

Google Maps has become one of the most used tools on mobile phones. Which It started as a simple GPS navigator and has evolved into much more.currently being one of the reference sites when looking for where to buy or go out, look at the traffic and even know what the weather will be like in the destination you are going to.

This application with social network overtones has also helped to know where the car was parked. It’s one of those features that has evolved over time and now gets a new function, although designed to be used from the vehicle itself.

Google Maps on Android Auto has started showing users a button to save the parking spot, which can then be consulted easily from your mobile phone. Of course, it is still not possible to upload a photo to that location, something that was possible a few years ago.

Park in Android Auto

This new feature was already spotted a few weeks ago, but it can now be used. The operation couldn’t be simpler. Simply set a destination in Android Auto’s navigator and drive to it. The moment you arrive, an Android Auto message appears welcoming you to the place.

Right below that message A new option appears called Save Parking. If you press it, the system will save the location of the car. This will prevent you from not knowing where you have parked later. To check where you have parked when you want to return to the car, you must use your cell phone.

Google Maps on Android Auto saving parking

Specifically, what you have to do is look for the red location point on the map with the text You parked here. If it is not seen, You can click on the Google Maps search bar and select the option Where is my car? Finally, if none of the aforementioned options appear, You can ask the Google Assistant Where have I parked my car? and will give the directions or the place.

This function is being deployed in the latest updates, which are also giving some problems to certain users. It may take a few days before all users have it available in their cars with Android Auto.

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