JBL Quantum 360X, the ideal headphones for your Xbox console

jbl quantum 360x diseno.jpg
jbl quantum 360x diseno.jpg

Although the main hardware manufacturers in the gaming industry have their own lines of official accessories that will accompany you in your console experience, there are also third-party options that you should pay attention to. For example, JBL Quantum 360X is positioned as the wireless headphones designed for use with an Xbox Series S and X.

JBL Quantum 360X are mid-range wireless headphones that allow you to have a gaming experience without audio delays while adding some advanced functions developed by the same manufacturer. Your connectivity Bluetooth does not prevent them from being used from a computer, mobile device or even a Nintendo Switchso you will have vision limitations.

Features of JBL Quantum 360X

JBL Quantum 360X
Dimensions 10.2 x 8.9 x 2.5cm
Weight 252 grams
Colors Black with green
Corded use No
Connectivity Yes, Bluetooth 5.2
Autonomy Up to 22 hours
Microphone Yeah
Drivers 40mm
Microphone frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
Input impedance (ohms) 32
Driver sensitivity at 1kHz1mW (dB) 115 dB SPL @1 kHz
Compatibility Windows 7 or higher, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series
Official site JBL
Box contents JBL Quantum 360X Wireless for Xbox Headset
Type C to Type A Adapter Cable
USB audio adapter
Foam wind filter for pole microphone
Quick Start Guide | Warranty card | Security file

Xbox green as the protagonist

JBL Quantum 360X

JBL Quantum 360X does not exaggerate in the use of the color green

Logically, the visual style has been one of the first decisions that the manufacturer has made in its intention to get closer to the Xbox ecosystem, so this time you will have a single version for sale that combines black on most of its structure but with a green stripe on the inside of its headband as well as on the pads.

Precisely regarding its preparation it can be noted that the JBL Quantum 360X is based on resistant plastic on its exterior but also vicoelastic foam pads PU coated so that your ears feel comfortable and free of pressure after long periods of use. The total weight is 252 grams.

Broadly speaking, it can be indicated that this model follows the same line as what we had already seen in headphones such as JBL Quantum ONEalthough In that case, the ante has been raised with support for RGB lighting (in addition to other advanced 3D audio technologies and active noise cancellation that explain why its final price ends up being much higher).

Cable-free sound quality

JBL Quantum 360X

JBL Quantum 360X has official Xbox certification

JBL Quantum 360X invites users to focus on enjoying good sound quality while playing, from recognizing the quietest footsteps in an environment to the power of explosions in an action title. For it 40mm amplifiers have been incorporated.

As seen in the images, the built-in boom microphone also increases the good sensations in terms of communication, supporting a Detachable directional voice focus with the addition of a silent mode for those late night gaming moments when you don’t want to wake up the whole family.

A very attractive detail is the addition of a game-chat sound adjustment dial, because separate audio cards have been integrated It is possible to modify the values ​​separately between the volume you receive from the game in real time and the communications of the other players with whom you are sharing the game in order to balance the listening experience to your liking.

Unlike other superior proposals in its catalog such as the JBL Quantum 910X that complements wireless connectivity with a 3.5 mm jack for cable use, here it is possible sync with your gaming device via Bluetooth 5.2 but also make use of a USB dongle with support for 2.4 GHz frequenciespromising an optimization of the input delay so that there are no differences compared to wired headphones.

Headphones for almost all your devices

JBL Quantum 360X

JBL Quantum 360X exceeds 20 hours of autonomy

In this way, the JBL Quantum 360X They can be used on almost any gaming device todayfrom computers with Windows as well as Mac operating systems, as well as mobile devices with Android and iOS, desktop consoles such as Xbox One, Series S and X, and even the Nintendo Switch allows you to activate audio synchronization via Bluetooth.

In the case of computers, the Compatibility with Microsoft’s proprietary technology called Windows Sonic Surround Sound which corresponds to the surround audio system used by default on the new generation of Xbox consoles.

In addition, JBL Quantum Engine PC software will give you a wide variety of configuration options which include its QuantumSurround technology for surround sound effects, its equalizer, microphone settings and much more. You can even save changes to different user profiles to make it easier to change settings in the future depending on the game or if you share your headset with someone else.

To conclude, in terms of autonomy you should know that you may be able to cope a whole week of gaming without having to worry about a lack of energy thanks to its 22 hours of average use. Do you want to continue playing while you charge them? You can do it without problem with the USB cable connected to the PC or to the power input.

JBL Quantum 360X availability and price

  • Very good sound quality
  • Official certification for Xbox consoles
  • Integrated microphone with several custom fit options
  • Long battery life
  • Competitive price
  • Without support for use via 3.5 mm cable
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