Revolution in computers: Windows 12 would be launched in 2024 with the new ‘AI PC’

Microsoft plans to finally release a new version of its Windows operating system, taking advantage of the AI ​​craze.

If there is a company that is on the crest of the wave of Artificial Intelligence, it is Microsoft. Thanks to its investment in OpenAI, it was the first to harness the potential of ChatGPT when generative AI exploded in popularity, and since then all of its products have been receiving features, most recently with Windows Copilot.

From the Bing search engine to the Microsoft 365 office suite, passing of course through Windows 11, all these products have received or will receive functions related to AI; But we will see the real commitment to this technology in 2024, when Microsoft and the main computer manufacturers plan to launch a new generation of personal computers.
The key to this change will be in Windows 12. Indeed, everything indicates that Microsoft will finally launch a new version of the operating system, which will have AI functions fully integrated and will apply more changes to the general operation of the system.

Windows 12 and AI PCs

These plans are secret for now, but a Taiwanese media outlet, Commercial Times, has already made some details public. Potentially, it could be one of the most important launches in the history of personal computers, and that is why we will see a collaboration between Microsoft and manufacturers that will reach another level.

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Normally, when Microsoft releases a new version of Windows, manufacturers must adapt their new computers and laptops to ensure compatibility and proper functioning of the system, and thus be certified. On the other hand, with Windows 12 we will see the launch of ‘AI PCs’ , computers with Artificial Intelligence that will take advantage of both the ‘software’ and the new ‘hardware’ available.

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Let us remember that this year AMD launched the first laptop processors with an integrated engine for Artificial Intelligence , and that the latest generation of Intel processors already uses this technology for some functions. Hopefully, the next generation of processors will be able to run some AI models locally, without needing to connect to an external server. That, along with the AI features that Windows 12 will bring like Copilot, will justify the use of a new name to define these devices, AI PC.
According to the leak, some of the biggest brands in the sector are already preparing their own AI PCs and compatible components, such as Acer, MSI and Gigabyte, and are “excited about the first year of AI PC” and the opportunities it can bring. The starting signal would be given in June 2024 , when Windows 12 is expected to be released according to the leak; From then on, AI PCs will hit the market “one after the other.”