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Qualcomm presents Quick Charge 3+, a new fast charge for low and mid-range mobiles

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Mobiles have been gaining in autonomy in recent years, more and more terminals are launched on the market with large batteries between 4,000 and 5,000 mAh, but not all include fast charging systems with which to help make the wait lighter.

Charge a battery of this size without the new fast-charging systems it can be a nightmare, more than three hours of waiting that become eternal if you do not take advantage of the night to charge the terminal. The problem is that the main Quick Charge systems are too expensive to include on cheap mobiles.

This is the new change you want to make up for Qualcomm with its new Quick Charge 3+ system. The last four years we have seen Quick Charge 4 and 4+ systems that, as we said, are too expensive for manufacturers to include them in their more modest or mid-range terminals, so many times we do not find large batteries without a fast charge to accompany them.

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With the arrival of Quick Charge 3+ this should change, it is a system slower than 4+, but also cheaper. However, before reaching the entry-level mobiles, it will go through those that include the Snapdragon 765 and 765G processors, which are part of the new somewhat more powerful mid-range mobiles.

Specifically, the lucky one to receive the first of this new technology will be the Mi 10 Lite Youth Edition that was presented this Monday in China and which has a 4,160 mAh battery and a 22.5W charger, a model that is also compatible with Quick Charge 4+ technology.

According to Qualcomm, this new system is 35 times faster than previous generations and can reach 50% charge of a medium battery in 15 minutes. In addition, it will better maintain the temperature by keeping 9Cº more cold to avoid overheating the device.

Quick Charge 3+ will support USB A and C type cables Industry standard that supports scalable 20mV voltage such as Quick Charge 4 and that is more affordable for OEMs and consumers. They have also indicated that backward compatible In other words, it can be implemented with the support of two inputs (wireless and wired) and eliminates the need to include some components in the charger, such as the OVP chip and the detection resistor.

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