No, Google is not going to close Stadia (at least for now)

During the last few hours there has been circulating on the Internet a rumor which states that someone in Google has pressed the red button to start the teardown of Google Stadiathe cloud gaming service that, due to a host of circumstances, has not managed to achieve the expected and desired success, while other services such as GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud have achieved a relevant position in this new and still somewhat uncertain market.

The origin of this rumour, which It has spread like wildfire on social networks and has even been echoed by not a few media, we found it on the Killed by Google Twitter account, which is probably familiar to you from an article we published a month ago about Google’s failed projects. And it is that, from said account, the following was published tweet:


— Killed by Google 🌻🇺🇦 (@killedbygoogle) July 28, 2022

In it, as you can see, a message is shown from someone who claims to have been a co-worker of a person who would currently work at Google, and mentions that after a company event last week in California, Google would have decided to end Stadia, and that the first steps in this direction would be made public at the end of summer, that is, in September, in just over a month.

According to said anonymous source, Google would have planned the end of Stadia in a similar way to how he carried out the Google Play Music, thus closing the door to a hypothetical transfer of all its assets to a competing service. Of course, at this point the question arises about what other of Google’s services could be the recipient of Stadia games and users. At least at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be another service that the remnants of Stadia could naturally integrate into.

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Be that as it may, for now Google has decided to respond with humor to these rumors, with a tweet in which he takes the beginning of the supposed anonymous testimony (the mention of the former co-worker and the meeting in California) but to affirm that Stadia Pro users have been able to enjoy an extra game in recent days. This response has been interpreted by the community as a denial of what the Killed by Google message stated.

Just a heads up

Old coworker of mine is now one of the social managers for Google. They had a pretty large seminar in California this past weekend, and long story short you can now play Wavetale at no additional cost on Stadia Pro until August 1:

— Stadia ☁️🎮 (@GoogleStadia) July 29, 2022

Additionally, the Stadia Twitter account has also posted a message, in response to a question to this effect, stating the following:

«Stadia is not going to close. Rest assured, we’re always working to bring more great games to the platform and to Stadia Pro. Let us know if you have any other questions.»

So, it seems clear that in the short term Google will continue to support Stadia. However, that a simple anonymous testimony has raised so much dust is a significant sign of the low expectations of ordinary mortals with the serviceand perhaps a sign that Google should find a way to bring it back to the forefront somehow, even if it gets more complicated with each passing day.