How to transfer files from a mobile to a flash drive without having to use a PC

como pasar archivos de un movil a un pendrive sin tener que usar una pc.jpg
como pasar archivos de un movil a un pendrive sin tener que usar una pc.jpg

We all know how stressful it can be to be in a situation where you need to transfer important files from your phone to a USB stickand if you don’t have a PC at hand, it really becomes a headache.

Fortunately for everyone, however, there are now solutions available that allow you to perform this task quickly and easily. In fact, there are two most interesting options that make this possible, so stick around to learn more about them.

Use a USB OTG adapter to transfer files from the mobile to a pendrive

Well, the first option there is to transfer files from the mobile to a flash drive comes through a USB OTG adapter. Now you may be wondering, what is a USB OTG adapter? Well, an OTG (On-The-Go) adapter It is basically a small cable that allows you to connect your mobile phone to a USB stick..

This adapter typically has a micro USB, USB-C, or Lightning connector on one end and a USB port on the other. Simply plug the adapter into your phone, and then plug the USB stick into the adapter’s USB port. Once connected, you can access the USB memory from your phone and transfer the files you want. And that would be it, you can enter Amazon where there are good options at affordable prices.

Buy a new flash drive that you can connect to your smartphone

Did you know that nowadays there are flash drives that can be connected directly to mobile devices? That’s right, these units are a complete reality and greatly facilitate the job of passing information from one device to another. As such there are very striking options from 128 to 256 GB for prices below 35-40 euros, which is quite good.

Now, keep in mind that to use one of these flash drives on your smartphone, it will have to have OTG. It is important that you know this, since As such, not all mobile phones have this technology.But don’t worry as there are apps that help you check if your device is eligible or not.

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