Goodbye to sharing password on Disney+: the app has already begun to restrict access like Netflix

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Disney+ is starting to restrict account sharing by people who don’t live in the same household.

The measure taken by Netflix to prohibit the sharing of its platform password by different people has set a precedent in Spain and other countries, and some of its competitors are already following in its footsteps. Disney Plus is the latest to join this trend.

After having announced restrictions on account sharing, the company is beginning to apply them, and they have already arrived in the United States, after having been tested in Canada for a few months. These measures will come into force next March, and their arrival in the North American country gives clues about their subsequent extension to other regions.

With this, the company also seeks to get users to pay for an individual subscription, or for a family subscription, but only if it is going to be used inside the home, ending with a trend that is quite followed by users.

New rules at Disney

Disney no longer wants you to share your account password with others that do not live in your house, and to avoid this it will impose the same limitations as Netflix in this sense, causing there to be a certain geographical limitation when using the app.

In fact, new users who register for the application in the United States are already required to accept these conditions, but those who already have an account have until March 14 to begin complying with the new rules. Unlike what happens in the case of Netflix, It seems that Disney will not offer the possibility of adding external users to the subscription in exchange for an extra monthly payment, although according to Mashableit is not ruled out that the company resorts to this in the future.

It is not yet clear when this measure will reach Spain and the rest of the countries, but everything indicates that it is a matter of time, since in this way the company could slightly increase its income. In any case, this, for the moment, will not apply in our country, so, temporarily, the account can continue to be shared with other people.

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