New nightmare for Elon Musk: this is what the new mobile phone of Tesla’s great rival will be like

Polestar Phone

The car brand’s mobile will be manufactured by Meizu, and will have Google Play services and the company’s apps.

It is not strange that many technology brands are committed to launching complementary products to those they already have on the market. This can bring great results to the brand, and In Spain there are quite obvious examples like Google, Apple or Samsung.

A few months ago it was learned that Polestar, the electric vehicle manufacturer owned by Volvo, was close to launching a smartphone on the market, and now some have been discovered quite interesting details of the devicewhich could be used in practically everyone.

This is thanks to the fact that it will have Google Play Services, the ecosystem of Google platforms thanks to which some things such as location services or automatic login work, among many other functions.

More details of the Polestar mobile

When a car manufacturer enters the smartphone market it usually generates a lot of interest, and even more so if it is an electric vehicle brand like Polestar. It’s known that your future phone will be manufactured by Meizuand even some images have been shown showing its design, and now one of the big unknowns with the device has been resolved.

The Polestar Phone will have Google Play services, as revealed by its presence in the list of devices compatible with the Google API. This means that the mobile phone will use Google’s ecosystem of services to perform many of its functions. Beyond this, there is information that suggests that the company’s mobile phone would be high-end, integrating a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor, although it has not been confirmed what generation it would be. To develop its software, the company has also relied on Meizu, inspired by its FlymeOS customization layer.

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Everything indicates that the initial launch will take place in China, and possibly over time it may end up leaving the Asian country. Yes indeed, We will have to see if the company is profitablesince it is a device it could be difficult to compete outside the country’s borders.

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