Does Spotify rise up against Apple Music? Soon play music offline

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It seems that the comparative struggle of the communities could have one competitor on the rise against another, at least for now and unfortunately for Apple, Spotify would be the beneficiary of the situation with Apple Music. In case you have the streaming music service Spotify you may soon get the new feature that the Apple service is not rescuing for its platform.

Spotify would add new important function

The same and important CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek was in charge of confirming the new function under the name of “Your Offline Mix” and is intended to make it possible for users to play certain content even if they don’t have an active internet connection to be able to stream music.

The new function contemplates problematic situations in which you require music such as when entering a plane trip or only the lack of local 5G connection, either null or very low to be able to play. However, Daniel Ek doesn’t mention too much in-depth information about what the feature will be and how it will work. Although it is clear that the highlight is knowing that there could be a function to download an entire proactive playlist. Thanks to a screenshot Ek shared, it could be that the playlist could span several hours in length.

function tests

a recent TechCrunch report He mentions that there are already users who indicate details through networks about what the function is like on their devices to test from the Spotify app. However, It is not yet known how Spotify allows this option to reach accounts so they can use the feature or even if it applies to Premium accounts.

The screenshot shared by Daniel Ek suggests “A mix of your recently played songs for when the vibe is up but your connection is down.”

We still have to know Apple Music’s response and see if the company decides to also bet on a function similar to what will be Spotify’s Your Offline Mix. Well really the useful possibilities could be amazing for any user who definitely does not have access to a connection, leaving a really popular feature.

Of course, the Apple Music s subscriptionThe Apple One package is found and in turn includes other services such as Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and Apple Fitness Plus, etc.