Anker: new wireless headphones, outdoor projector, renewable energy solutions and more

anker solix bl1.jpg
anker solix bl1.jpg

The Anker RE Charge event held in New York City has been the framework chosen by Anker Innovations, a company specialized in consumer products and charging devices, for the presentation of new products for its different brands, also premiering Anker Solix as its new brand focused on bringing renewable energy solutions to the market, beginning with its first line of balcony solar panels.

First of all, the company has presented its new charging solutions headed by Anker Prime, its new line of premium high-speed multi-port chargers, made up of 67, 100 and 200W USB-C models, and also a powerbank. with a capacity of more than 27,000mAh capable of charging at 250W and also having a 100W wireless charging base.

In addition, they have also presented Anker Reserve PowerBank, their powerful powerbank designed for outdoor getaways, which houses an impressive 60,000mAh capacity, also housing two USB-C and two USB-A ports, as well as an XT 60 solar plug compatible with solar panels.

New devices for multimedia experiences

From energy we move on to multimedia experiences. In this regard, the company has presented Liberty 4 NC, the new generation of totally wireless headphones (TWS) from its soundcore brand, highlighting that these headphones have the sound quality of the Liberty series of wireless headphones at the same time that they are capable of blocking up to 98.5% of outside noise.

To do this, the Adaptive ANC 2.0 technology will be in charge of analyzing internal and external sounds through its sensors to make adjustments to the noise cancellation levels. The company also points out that they have up to 10 hours of autonomy and up to 50 hours of autonomy through their charging case, reaching the market at the end of this same month of June.

Nebula Mars 3 1080p

For the intelligent entertainment brand Nebula, it has presented the new Nebula Mars 3 1080p LED, which they qualify as the first outdoor projector, a project with Android TV 11 that includes a 185WH battery, bright projections of up to 1000 ANSI Lumens, incorporating a artificial intelligence system capable of calibrating the optimal brightness according to light conditions.

The device is splash resistant and IPX3 certified, as well as coming with a lens cover. The company points to the month of July for the commercial launch of this device.

smart home cleaning

eufy Clean X9 Pro

For the eufy brand, they present the new eufy Clean X9 Pro, which they qualify as the most advanced robot to date, capable of cleaning all types of floors, with its new MopMasterTM mop technology that includes an automatic 12-millimeter elevation for removal of the damp mop as it passes through carpets.

This device is also capable of returning to its base after finishing cleaning to deep clean the mops and dry them.

It also has a powerful and silent suction of up to 5,500 Pa to remove dirt in one pass and its intelligent navigation system AI.SeeTM will detect and avoid obstacles that may be in its way.

Anker Solix Brand Premiere for Renewable Energy Solutions

And as we pointed out at the beginning, Anker Solix has arrived, designed as a brand of renewable energy solutions for the home. In this regard, PowerHouse portable power stations will begin to be available under the umbrella of this new brand, which launches a line of balcony solar panels designed for apartments and modular battery systems to store solar energy at home.

For Steven Yang, CEO of Anker:

More consumers than ever are turning to solar power for their homes due to rising energy costs, coupled with increased supply reliability and sustainable energy sources. Consumers need to be able to store the solar energy generated to be truly independent. With Anker Solix we have drawn on our deep experience in batteries and power supply to meet this need in the most efficient way.

The new Anker Solix devices will be publicly shown in Europe at the Intersolar event, which will be held between July 14 and 16 in Munich.

device updates

And in addition to announcements, there are a number of updates. The company tells us that eufy Security’s Video Doorbell Dual and Video Smart Lock security solutions are now compatible with HomeBase 3 via a software update, and that by the end of the year, spotlight cameras, indoor cameras, and Wired outdoor devices will also be supported.

And AnkerMake, the 3D printing brand of Anker Innovations, the V6 Color Engine accessory for the AnkerMake M5 3D printer will go into production in September so that it can reach end users by early October.

Image Credit: Anker

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