Activate the secret settings of the Samsung Gallery app in a few seconds

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The photo application on Samsung phones has settings that are activated through developer mode, and allow you to activate advanced functions.


Samsung is one of the brands that sells the most mobile phones in Spain. Like the vast majority of manufacturers, it has apre-installed applications that are provided by Google, such as Google Maps or Gmail. Another of the applications that comes standard is Google Photos, an app that allows you to view the photos on your mobile and make a backup copy in the cloud.

But Samsung includes another, simpler application that serves as a photo gallery. In fact, it’s called that, gallery. This application is used by many people who do not want to upload their photos to the internet and do not even have Google Photos configured. Despite being an app that is easy to use and has obvious functions, it hides advanced features.

One of them allows you to remove elements from an image. These advanced functions are not well known, but they demonstrate the potential of this app. Well, the Gallery application has a series of hidden settings designed for developers, but they can be used by anyone. Once activated, they will allow you to get the most out of this application.

Developer mode in Gallery

To activate this advanced mode you must open the Gallery appand click on the three horizontal stripes icon from the lower left corner. There you have to enter the Settings, and navigate to the end, to the option About the gallery. One has to Click on the area where the version number appears repeatedlyuntil the system warns that it has already been activated Gallery Labs.

When this is done, go back to the Gallery Settings menu, and a new section called Gallery Labs will have appeared at the end. Upon entering you will have 27 new functions of the Gallery application that will allow, among other things, to make the videos play automatically when one is being watched ends or to see if certain images that lack geolocation have the wrong date.

Gallery Labs at Samsung

It is also possible access photos using a device connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or allow any image to be saved as PDF that is in the gallery, for example a contract that has reached us in JPG format by WhatsApp. There are many possibilities offered by this new section of Settings, and if you usually use this application it is worth taking a look at them.

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