My Citizen Folder was good, but with the latest update it is even better: all the news that comes to your Android mobile

There are few applications that I consider essential on my phone, but without a doubt My Citizen Folder is one of them. The State Public Administration app is a true Swiss Army knife to bring together and expedite procedures or simply to have at hand important and necessary documents for daily bureaucracy: have your work life at hand, see your driving license points balance, your titles…

Well, the My Citizen Folder application has been recently updated adding new procedures and access to more documents, so if you have not yet updated the app, we strongly invite you to do so because it is very worth it: these are all the news from My Citizen Folder.

I said it a little over a year ago and I still think about it: my favorite application was made by the Public Administrationyou have it available for free on Google Play Store. The app does what it promises and it is not easy to bring together so much information without overwhelming it, solving it with a clear and friendly interface and a fluid user experience because yes, it is an application that works well. Thus, it has a notification system, a calendar and the latest update, already there are around 50 social benefits available.

What’s new in My Citizen Folder

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If you take a look at the My Citizen Folder application page, you will discover that it was updated a couple of days ago. There are minor updates that are intended to solve certain bugs, but in this case the public administration app has implemented new features to continue increasing its functionality:

  • Download proof of registration from the National Institute of Statistics, in the Housing section. The good thing is that you can later add it to Google Wallet without much complication and that it is available in any EU language (you just have to choose it before downloading).
  • Check the history of municipalities where you have lived also in ‘Housing’.
  • Consultation for high-level athletes if you are, that condition will be accredited in that section, available in ‘Personal and family situation’.
  • Can customize calendar alerts to adjust the application to the needs of users, for example that you do not miss the MOT and you can put it in your Agenda in a free space before it expires. It is available in ‘Notification settings’.
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If you want to benefit from these new features, all you need is to have the application on your mobile and if you already have it, that it is updated to the latest version available.

My Citizen Folder

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation makes available the My Citizen Folder App, which facilitates citizens’ relationship with Public Administrations in a simple and agile way.

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