How to organize Google Photos to your liking with the unknown trick of dates and times

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816428475 238298778 1706x960.jpg

Google’s gallery application allows you to completely rearrange the order of images using a very little-known function.


Google Photos is one of the most used image management applications in Spain. Many people use it because it comes by default on Android phones, and many others because of its enormous capacity for organization, editing, ease of sharing memories, etc.

The normal thing is to save images in albums, depending on the moment in which a photo was taken, the celebration in which it was taken, etc. But The main screen shows them ordered chronologically, which means that the most recent ones are always seen. To do this, it uses the EXIF ​​data embedded in the image itself, which is provided by the camera or mobile phone.

One of these data is the capture date, which allows Google Photos to know where to save that image in the main chronological order. But what if those times and dates are wrong? That would make a photo from 2010 look like it was taken in 2023 or worse, in 1970. Luckily Google Photos has a tool to correct that.

Correcting the date

To be able to move an image on the main Google Photos screen, the capture date and time must be correctly set. For this you have to open the image in question and swipe up. This opens the options menu. One of them shows the date and time, and has a pencil next to it. This icon allows you to edit this data.

When they are changed, the image will move right next to other images with that same data, in the application’s timeline. You can also edit multiple photos at the same time.. To do this, you must select all of them and select the option Change the date and time in the menu that appears below.

Changing the date in Google Photos

In this case it is allowed to put the same date and time on all the photos or set the capture moment of the first photo and the rest will be changed maintaining the time difference between them. When the changes are applied, the images will move in the list of photos in the gallery, locating them in the correct time frame.

All of this is independent of the albums in which those photos have been saved. Folder management in Google Photos is not like in a normal operating system like Windows or Mac and Unless they are removed from the albums, they will remain there even if they have different dates..

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