Xiaomi launches a new 27-inch monitor at a crazy price: 80 euros

Xiaomi launches a new 27-inch monitor at a crazy price: 80 euros
xiaomi launches a new 27 inch monitor at a crazy price:

After announcing the Redmi Display A22 a couple of days ago, today the Xiaomi sub-brand returns with the launch of a new monitor that offers more than interesting quality and also has a price that is completely groundbreaking: the Redmi Display A27. We show you what it offers.

According to the official data that has been published, Xiaomi’s new product is a monitor that uses a IPS-type panel with a diagonal of 27 inches. This is combined with a Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). These are enough ingredients to be sure that the device offers good quality, but there are some more details that make it an interesting purchase option: its brightness reaches the 250 nits and, in what has to do with the response time, it stays in six milliseconds (so it does not clash to see multimedia content).

Other good options of this Xiaomi monitor

One that is important is that it uses a refresh rate up to 100Hz, which makes it one of the cheapest monitors on the market with this feature, with this option ensuring quite good image quality. On the other hand, the color quality of the Redmi A27 supports a depth of up to 8 bits. If we add to this that it is capable of representing 99% of the sRGB gamut and that supports HDR 10 (High Dynamic Range), it’s crystal clear that all details – even the darkest and brightest parts of images – are seen smoothly.


From the point of view of the connection options, the new Xiaomi monitor comes with a port Second generation HDMI (1.4), a DP port and a connector for your power supply. This, which may not seem like much, is more than enough to be able to use practically all image sources (such as computers or the consoles themselves), without having to get an adapter.

Final details and its spectacular price

This monitor has passed the TÜV low blue light certification, so your screen can filter short-wavelength blue light without any problems. This is an option that optimizes the use of the Xiaomi monitor for office work. It even includes the necessary technology to effectively reduce screen flicker (and therefore eyestrain).


Xiaomi’s Redmi Display A27 goes on sale in China at a starting price of just 599 yuan (about 80 euros to change). Once the launch is over, what you have to pay will rise to 699 yuan, approximately 90 euros. It is hoped that this model will reach Europe at some point.


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