The best Lidl kitchen robot returns even cheaper

the best lidl kitchen robot returns even cheaper
the best lidl kitchen robot returns even cheaper

Lidl Monsieur Cuisine Smart kitchen robot

Lidl wanted to surprise its customers with the return of its beloved Lidl kitchen robot, Monsieur Cuisine Smart. This is the smarter version of your kitchen option, which now costs less than ever. This model will arrive next Saturday April 29 to the 650 Lidl Spain stores.

The well-known food distribution chain wanted to make its customers happy with the return of its flagship product for only 449.99 euros. Although its price is still high, the German brand has wanted it to return through the front door at a more competitive price, below its main Thermomix competitor. And from April 24 you can book on the Lidl website.

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart robot

It was released late last year, but it hasn’t always been on sale. For this very reason, the supermarket has wanted to relaunch once again its most intelligent kitchen robot, Monsieur Cuisine Smart, below 450 euros. This model cannot yet be reserved, since the date for reservations opens from April 24 in the online store.

Although, you can also wait for them to offer it in their establishments. Basically because it will be available to all customers for 449.99 euros in the 650 Lidl Spain stores April 29. But, if you prefer, you can also buy it directly that same day through the official website of the German brand.

It must be taken into account that, from April 11 to April 16, the reservation was opened to all clients from the Lidl Plus App. But, as we saw, it will become available to be reserved for all customers from the 24th of this month. Keep in mind that this kitchen robot will be available while stocks last.

Monsieur Cuisine Smart

What features does it have?

The Monsieur Cuisine Smart model, from its Silvercrest brand, presents a series of characteristics that are much better than the previous version. It stands out, for example, for its 1050 W motor, 8-inch touch screen, more than 600 recipesprogrammer up to 12 hours, weekly planner, shopping list, voice control, in addition to other new features. Just like it comes with an integrated scale to weigh directly in the pot (in 5 g intervals up to a maximum of 5 kg) and with WiFi. Thanks to this connection you can receive monthly recipe updates from the user account without having to pay any extra money.

This Lidl kitchen robot has a very innovative technology with emulsifying functions, programming of up to 12 hours depending on fermentation and low temperature cooking or cooking-pilot. In addition, another of the star features of this product is that you can prepare large dishes with its mixing bowl of up to 3 liters.

Finally, apart from the two side handles of the pot, this robot model from the German brand has a handle on the front that allows you to comfortably handle the pot with one hand, thus speeding up the steps of recipe preparation.


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