Samsung wants to honor its first bestseller with the Galaxy Z Flip5 Retro Edition

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1698318628 840 560.jpeg

The E700 had an external OLED screen and was compared to Mercedes Benz due to its finish

It was one of the mobiles that marked 2003


In August, Samsung launched its new generation of foldables. We have already analyzed both the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 As the Galaxy Z Fold5 and it is clear that this year the most interesting was the ‘shell’ model thanks to the evolution of its external screen. Now, Samsung wants to use nostalgia to boost sales of this model thanks to a retro edition.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition which is not that it changes too much from the standard edition, but it is a good nod to the legendary SGH-E700 from the South Korean company. It will be a very limited print run, but there is a way to get it in Spain. At least one that is similar.

A next-generation mobile phone in the style of one from 20 years ago

In 2003, Samsung launched the SGH-E700. It was a tremendous success for the company, since it became the first South Korean mobile phone to exceed ten million units sold and, in addition, one of its strong points was the OLED panel.

It was a clamshell phone with a color TFT screen inside, but with a 160 x 128 pixel OLED on the outside that allowed you to see notifications, the time or capture selfies with a horrible rate of frames per second when viewing.

Even so, it became an iconic mobile at that time and, 20 years later, Samsung wants to honor him with a special edition of the Galaxy Z Flip5. It is what we leave below:

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition Design

As you can see, it’s not like it’s a spectacular customization and, in fact, it’s not like it’s anything special. The sides have a silver color and the back has that dark blue finish that looks similar to the SGH-E700.

This Samsung Galazy Z Flip5 Retro Edition,  will be released in an exceptionally small print run and only in South Korea. However, if you really like it because you were a big fan of the E700, in the Samsung online store in Spain you can buy one with a similar finish, the Blue, but with black sides.

Beyond curiosity, these special editions for Samsung foldables are not new and are a sample of the company’s interest in boosting sales of this type of devices. In the end, we are seeking to democratize this technology and special editions can give a boost.

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