Is it really worth buying a mini PC?

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is it really worth buying a mini pc.jpg

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Have you heard about the existence of mini pc? They have been on the market for some time now and over time they have evolved rapidly to the point that many users consider it their work and entertainment center, thus replacing conventional desktop computers. But are these small platforms really worth purchasing? If you are thinking of getting a mini PC to carry out your tasks, stay to know all its advantages and disadvantages.

Mini PCs are small computers that can process more basic and simple tasks than traditional desktop devices. However, over time, increasingly more sophisticated models have been manufactured that integrate more optimized performance, without reaching the specifications of larger computer models.

In this way, this type of terminals It is not for everyone, since they have more specific characteristics than desktop ones, such as the reduction in the size of all their components. But this does not mean that it is worse than its older brother, but it depends on the use that is going to be given to it, it will be more or less practical. The biggest differences are found in the demands of its hardware and the capacity it may have to offer us a good range of features.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mini PC

The purchase of a mini PC is intended for a very specific user, as it contains a series of advantages and impediments that can make you opt for this item or another more perfected one, such as a desktop computer or laptop.

Regarding its attributes, having a mini PC at your fingertips means save much more space on your desk. For this, manufacturers such as Apple, Gigabyte or MSI They have thought of having as an alternative a mini PC that meets the needs of this type of user. Of course, depending on the model, each of them comes perfectly equipped with HDMI connections and other types of cables compatible with current screens, so you will not have any problems when assembling your mini PC. Another pro is that you can enjoy mid-range performance at very affordable prices. Normally, a mini PC usually oscillates between 200 and 500 eurosdepending on the model.

Regarding the disadvantages, we find a product lacking in features, since they are not intended to carry out very demanding jobs and cannot match the performance of a normal PC. Also They lack space inside to implement more effective components and their chips are not considered powerful enough as those built into laptops.

Is it advisable to buy a mini PC?

When purchasing a computer, you have to think carefully What are we going to use it for?. There are many people who buy a desktop computer or a laptop with very powerful features who only want it to perform very basic tasks and in the end they do not get the full benefit of it. Mini PCs are usually used to carry out more trivial tasks that require few resources.

However, today these small devices can reach perform any type of task that does not require a high level of processing, but it must be taken into account that mini PCs are not prepared to run programs that require the use of a dedicated graphics card.

In short, if what you want is to have a small computer that does not take up much space and that does not hinder you in the tasks you do on a daily basis, this is your purchase. Otherwise, if you are a very demanding user who wants to dedicate your free time to playing video games or working with graphic design and editing programs, this device is not recommended.

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