iPadOS 17 finally adds support for webcams and external cameras via USB

iPadOS 17 finally adds support for webcams and external cameras via USB
ipados 17 finally adds support for webcams and external cameras.jpeg

The iPadOS 17, officially announced by Apple this week, will finally add support for webcams and external cameras via USB. The novelty is already available in the latest beta version of the operating system, which is available to developers.

As reported by The Verge, support for USB webcams only works on FaceTime at the moment. This happens because this is a new API that was added to the new iPadOS 17 and developers will need to update their applications to offer this new feature.

This feature will be particularly useful for apps like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to be able to use external USB cameras and webcams. Plus the iPad could be a much more capable mobile streaming device for Twitch and YouTube, for example.

Twitter user Brian Voll, who is testing iPadOS 17, found that it’s even possible to use Elgato’s HD60S+ USB capture card to stream content from a game console or any HDMI device into a FaceTime call.

It is worth remembering that Apple is currently testing iPadOS 17 with a beta version for developers available free of charge to professionals registered in the Apple program. A public beta version of iPadOS 17 will be available in July.

According to Apple’s schedule, iPadOS 17 should be officially released in a stable version in the fall of the United States, which occurs between the months of September to November. The same forecast also serves for iOS 17.

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