How to give hugs from a distance using electronic skin

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In it digital world Today, technological advances have allowed us to communicate beyond geographical barriers. However, one thing that was still impossible for us was to convey the sense of touch via Internet. That could change thanks to the innovative electronic skin developed by a team of scientists at the City University of Hong Kong.

The Inspiration: Amma and the Importance of Touch

The central figure who inspired this invention is Mata Amritanandamayi, better known as Amma. This spiritual leader from India has embraced thousands of people in an act of love and kindness. Human touch has a calming and therapeutic effect, something that has become even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this period, the lack of human contact generated a growing sense of loneliness and anxiety in many people, underscoring the vital importance of our sense of touch.

The Technology: Electronic Skin and Actuators

electronic skin

The key to this invention lies in a technology known as actuators. These small devices embedded in the electronic skin are capable of sending and receiving touch signals. When an actuator is pressed, a current is generated which is converted into a digital signal. This signal is sent via Bluetooth and the Internet to another electronic skin, where the process is reversed, allowing the person on the other end to feel the sensation of touch.

It is important to mention that actuators are electromechanical elements that transform an electrical signal into movement or physical action. In this case, they make it possible to transmit and receive touch signals.

Electronic Skin Applications

The potential applications of this technology are vast. In telemedicine, doctors could perform physical exams remotely. Visually impaired people could benefit from touch-based directions. Video games could become even more immersive with the addition of tactile feedback. In all these cases, the location is no longer a barrier.

The development of this electronic skin represents a great advance in our way of communicating and connecting in the digital age. Beyond words and images, we can now transmit and receive the sense of touch over the Internet. This invention reminds us that no matter how digital we become, we are still physical creatures yearning for human contact. With the electronic skin, science and technology bring us one step closer to reproducing that essential human experience in a virtual environment.

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