Individual customers of Banco Original will be incorporated into PicPay; see what changes

 Individual customers of Banco Original will be incorporated into PicPay;  see what changes
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PicPay announced today that it will become responsible for Banco Original’s Individual customers. The change in strategy came from Banco Original itself, which will start to focus only on wholesale as of July this year. In this way, Individual customers will be served from now on by PicPay.

According to the statement sent by the bank, the idea is as follows:

The purpose of the movement is to boost each of the brands in their strongest segment — PicPay in retail and Original in wholesale —, take advantage of synergies between operations to gain efficiency and accelerate the rollout of new products.

The institution clarifies that from July all offers and services from Banco Original will be available within PicPay. Customers’ credit and debit functionality will be maintained and the bank guarantees that they will not suffer any loss with the transition.

Therefore, it will not be necessary to change the card, points program, limits and other information, as everything will be migrated to the PicPay platform automatically for customers to continue using their benefits normally, including loans and other products.

The company also points out that all Banco Original customers will also have an automatic yield of 102% of the CDI in 30 days, in addition to using all the facilities of their current bank in the PicPay application, with the Cofrinho, which allows you to separate the money invested for larger organization.

If you are a Banco Original customer only, just download the PicPay application via the link below and log in with the same usual details.

Banco Original started sending the notice about the change to its customers today (15) and all information from its customers’ accounts will be available on PicPay from July of this year.

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