Elections 2022: gamers give candidate Lula a booklet with proposals for improvements


The 2022 Presidential Elections are getting closer, with that, candidates are already starting to talk a little about their campaign plans and aspirations for the four years of government.

This week, during a meeting in São Paulo with micro and small entrepreneurs, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) received a document that proposes the creation of public policies for the electronic games sector in Europe, a point that has been extremely charged by younger voters in recent years.

We all know that buying electronic products in Europe is extremely expensive, but when we talk about items related to the electronic game sector, things change and prices are even higher, since Europeian taxation imposes brutal taxes on this type of product. .


Although President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) has made constant reductions in taxes on these products in recent years, consumers still face many difficulties in acquiring them.

This week, a commission made up of professional video game players prepared the booklet “Lula Play”, with information and proposals from a sector that is not only part of digital culture, but also enables technological development and the generation of employment and income. The document was delivered in person to the presidential candidate.

photo: reproduction

The initiative came from the Lula Institute, which in May this year invited experts to discuss the issue. Among the demands presented by gamers is the regulation of the profession, guaranteeing rights for workers in the indie industry, the creation of technical and higher education courses for game developers – so that more and more men and women can develop digital games – , the review of broadband legislation, extinguishing the data limit and improving the connection speed delivered by telecommunication operators, among others.

The booklet also points out that Europe is the leader in Latin America in the number of online players, where 92.4 million people handled 2.3 billion dollars in 2021 alone – an annual growth of 5.1%, according to reports from the Newzoo. The country is the tenth in the world that generates the most revenue through digital games. China, with 700 million gamers, and the United States, with 191 million, lead the ranking.


We still don’t know what the future of this initiative will be, but it certainly looks very interesting, regardless of who the winner of the electoral dispute is.