Why do you need a VPN?

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VPN networks (Virtual Private Networks, Virtual Private Networks) They are becoming increasingly popular these days., especially among private users, thanks to the proliferation of services that bring this security system closer to an audience for which, until a few years ago, there were no options in this regard. And it is that before, long before beginning to succeed in the domestic market, VPNs were already a commonly used tool in the professional environment.

Even so, despite the fact that there is already a wide range of services, there are still many people who are unaware of the reasons why its use is so recommended in many contexts. If this is your case, you have two options: if you want, look for a solution and download VPN to try it out, thus discovering all the advantages it offers you. But the other option, if you prefer, is to let us tell you how these services work, what they offer you and, therefore, when it is more practical to use them.

VPNs have long been a part of comprehensive security strategies for PC users. And it is that, due to its operation, establish an encrypted connection, and therefore secure, between your PC and one of the servers of the company that offers you access to the Internet. Some services also allow you to choose between different geographical locations for said access to the Internet, so you can “fool” the Internet servers to which you connect, implying that you are in another geographical location.

The most important thing is of course the encryption. You may not know them, but there are tools capable of capturing and analyzing network traffic, whether wired or wireless. And maybe you think that if the data is already encrypted the problem disappears, right? Well, not really, since even if the information is encrypted, the information about what services you are connecting to and accessing will be transparent to users. sniffers.

Why do you need a VPN?

With a VPN, all your traffic will be routed to the virtual private network server, so listening to your system’s network traffic will only reveal that you’re using a VPN. The rest will be completely opaque, and impervious to any attempt at reading and manipulation.. This way, you know that you can connect safely even from potentially insecure networks, such as public networks, without having to worry about protecting your data.

The connection via VPN, in addition, It also allows circumventing limitations of various kinds. A clear example can be found in countries where access to certain services is prohibited, whether due to censorship, judicial decisions, etc. I won’t say the name because I don’t think it’s necessary, but it is known that the main torrent search engine in the world is inaccessible from Spain, due to judicial imposition. With a VPN that offers to “go out” to the Internet from other countries, it is possible to bypass this limitation and access this service without problems.

We can also face limitations in the opposite direction, that is, access services and content limited to specific geographies. A recent example of this is found with the premiere of The Matrix: Resurrections, which was simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max, but only in the United States (in Spain the film will not arrive on HBO Max until the end of May). And it is that many people were able to see the film the same day of its premiere on HBO Max, despite the fact that they were not in the United States. And they succeeded, obviously, thanks to a VPN with Internet access in the country of stars and stripes.

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