Twitter blocks access to the social network of people without registration

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Twitter has quietly implemented a change that affects how some people interact with the social network. As of this Friday (30), registration becomes mandatory in order to view posts shared by other users, otherwise a huge pop-up window will be displayed requiring login.

Before this change, it was possible to see both tweets and comments and profiles on the platform, but with some restrictions that required creating an account to comment, share or see extra information. Starting today, everything is blocked for people who don’t have a Twitter profile yet; it is not yet known whether this tightening of the rules is temporary or permanent.

This could be a sign that Elon Musk intends to increase the number of users by forcing people who browse the social network and do not have an account to create it. In addition, the entry of more users on the platform can increase the number of subscribers to Twitter Blue, a paid modality that offers extra features and benefits to contractors, including the blue seal.

To register on the social network, you must provide a valid username and phone number. You can also quickly sign in with Google or Apple account.

Twitter blocks access to the social network for users without registration.
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