Netflix starts supporting automatic frame rate adjustment on Google TV and Android TV

Netflix starts supporting automatic frame rate adjustment on Google TV and Android TV
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Netflix has started rolling out an update to its smart TV users. The app now supports the auto frame rate adjustment on Google TV and Android TV enabled TVsallowing the platform to select the best playback settings for each type of content and reduce possible visual artifacts.

The channel FlatPanelsHD YouTube has posted a video that demonstrates the new feature in action. Using the TV’s variable refresh rate (VRR) metrics, the user noticed that different titles play with tailored frame rate settings.

The Witcher, a famous series based on the franchise that can be renewed for a 5th season on Netflix, is shown on the platform at 24 FPS. the documentary arnold, in turn, is displayed at 23.976 FPS. With automatic adjustment, the application avoids problems that occur when there is no match between the frame rate of the content and the refresh rate of the screen.

The update appears to be rolling out globally, so it should roll out to all users over the next few days. If you have a device with Google TV or Android TV, just wait. New versions of apps are often downloaded and installed automatically through the Play Store.

Netflix May Remove Basic Plan in Some Countries

Whether it’s the launch of the cheapest plan with ads or the end of password sharing, Netflix is ​​always in the spotlight due to its changes that may not please its subscribers. Recently, a report pointed out that the streaming giant is considering removing the basic ad-free plan from its portfolio.

The change would only occur in certain countries, including Canada. With that, the only remaining options for Canadian subscribers would be the basic subscription with ads (cheaper), the standard subscription without ads, and the premium subscription (more expensive). So far, there is no prediction that this change will actually occur.


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