The Xiaomi controller to play on PC

mando juegos xiaomi.jpg
mando juegos xiaomi.jpg

For almost 60 euros, Xiaomi has presented a video game controller for PC, with an aesthetic that is quite reminiscent of console controls.

It is the Xiaomi GamePad Elite Edition, currently only available in China, with an elegant white color and the controls and buttons that you see in the image, very similar to those used by both Sony and Microsoft.

It has a six-axis gyroscopic sensor to offer a haptic response in the middle of the game, and Bluetooth connectivity in the 5 and 2.4 GHz bands, to avoid cables in the session.

The manufacturer promises to be able to be used on various systems, such as Windows, Android televisions, tablets and mobiles, but has not made it clear if they can also be used on consoles (certainly not).

It has a support to be able to put the mobile and thus transform it into a console, an idea to play MMORPGs and shooters from the mobile and thus avoid the use of cumbersome touch controls.

control xiaomi

Nothing is known about its launch date outside of China, but you can track it on the website, where they show that manufacturing would take place if a base price was achieved, as if it were a kickstarter, and that’s it. They have exceeded 900% of what was requested.

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