The new Telegram improves performance, calls and animations so you can forget about WhatsApp

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813929140 238088044 1706x960.jpg

The new Telegram update integrates new features in the design, including a nod to Thanos, one of Marvel’s villains.


Telegram is the best alternative to WhatsApp, and the instant messaging application, which increasingly resembles a social network, wanted to start the year with an update that focuses on design to improve the application.

This new version is 10.5.0 and is now available on Google Play to all users. It also comes with improvements in efficiency, which will make it perform better on older devices, as well as new features in the app’s bots, which now have more functions.

Before the end of 2023, the company has already released one of the most anticipated functions, thanks to which it is possible to automatically transcribe the voice messages that other people send, something ideal for those occasions when you cannot hear the notes. voice.

Big news

Calls are the main protagonists of this Telegram update. This section has been renewed to make it better aesthetically and functionally, starting with the colors. Hereinafter, Call screen background will change based on your statuswith one color for when the call is being initiated, another if the call is rejected and a different one for when it is taking place.

Some errors that occurred in this section have also been corrected, and its performance has been optimized so that it consumes fewer resources. In addition, the company has promised that further improvements will be made to the connection and audio quality of calls in 2024.

Telegram news

On the other hand, an animation has been included that they have called “Thanos snap”, in reference to the iconic moment that takes place in Avengers: Endgame with the Marvel villain as the protagonist. When you delete a message, you will see how it disappears, turning into dust and disappearing.

The bots They have also received their share of new features, since they can now integrate many more functions, and they can even make these automated chats react to users’ messages. Likewise, they can manage reactions and appointments, as well as send messages to other chats. It is only a matter of time before they come into use when developers integrate these functions into their bots.

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