Quick photos on WhatsApp: this is the most agile and comfortable way to take them and send them to your friends

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837926225 240485347 1706x960.jpg

On Android it is possible to take a photo with the camera integrated into the WhatsApp app with a few taps, and share it quickly.

Android phones are updated to a new version every year. The policy of each company means that this update is not always received at the time of its launch, and when it is received, it sometimes does not arrive with all the news, since each brand analyzes what it wants to incorporate and what it does not. Google is the reference currently.

On other occasions the problem is that the new functions are not known to the general public, which means that its use does not become popular, although it offers simpler and more comfortable handling of the smartphone. This is what happened with the shortcuts in application icons that arrived with Android 7.0 Nougat.

From that version the developers could make Pressing and holding an app icon on the desktop will open a shortcut menu that would facilitate the use of certain actions. And WhatsApp is one of the applications that took advantage of it.

Taking a photo quickly

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications in Spain and it is normal for users to have it on their mobile phone’s main desktop. This makes it very fast and comfortable to click on it. But if instead of entering the application If you hold your finger down for a second, a menu will appear that not many people know.

In that menu there is a shortcut to open the application’s camera, which will allow us to take a photo directly without having to go to a chat to open the camera. Once the image has been taken, click on the green icon in the lower right corner to open the contact list.

Camera shortcut in WhatsApp

That is where you have to select the person or group to send the image to and after doing so you just have to click on the white paper airplane icon on a green background. This way is much faster than having to enter the applicationsearch for the chat, click on the camera icon and take the image.

Besides, This menu also includes the most recent chats used in the application, so it is possible to access them directly from the desktop. And if we leave our finger pressed on one of those chats, it is possible to create a shortcut on the desktop to be able to talk to that person from there. You can also create a WhatsApp camera shortcut to take the photo and send it directly.

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