This is how the best new feature that your Android mobile will have soon works

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chica feliz usando movil android 1.jpg

Android 15 will arrive soon and will do so with a new wave of new features that will make your smartphone much more efficient. In the last few hours, an insider has published a video of the way in which one of these options is used, one that is called to become a really important change for the Google operating system. Do you want to know how it works?

In recent weeks we have already talked to you about some of the big news which is going to introduce Android 15. The next big version of Google’s operating system is ready to give everything and to show that the platform is still number one for very good reasons. And, among those new features, there is one that we were looking forward to seeing in action.

Goodbye to space problems

Google has taken this new version of Android very seriously and what it is looking for is to satisfy users by providing them with features that have been asking for years. Among those many requests received, there is one that they are going to please in style: the ability to eliminate space problems.

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The way they are going to do it is with the incorporation of a function that will allow applications to be archived. This had already been announced before and is not new information, but what is new is that we can now watch a video of how it works. Not only that, but we are going to detail it to you step by step so that you can better understand what the incorporation of this application archiving system will be like. What we can tell you is that, thanks to this, you will not only save space, but you will not have to suffer any headaches when you redownload the apps that you are no longer using.

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As usual, the leak of this feature comes from the expert Mishaal Rahman, who continues to explore the ins and outs of Google’s operating system. The new function you are talking about is called App Archiving and It’s the perfect way to clean on your mobile without having to permanently delete the applications that you are no longer using.

The intention of this archiving system is that you can eliminate the weight of the app to free up space, but at the same time, you keep the most sensitive elements. This means that you will keep the application data on your mobileregistration and other secondary factors that are important, but do not represent a significant waste of space.

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To use the function, we enter the app information from the Android menu and simply click on the “Archive” button. The application will continue to have the icon in the mobile menu, but will be inactive. The next time you touch it, it will start downloading without you having to enter Google Play. Alternatively, you can enter the app information and click on the “Restore” button.

As you can see in the video tutorial that Rahman has published, what happens at that moment is that the download begins and absolutely all the data is maintained. That way, when you restart the app after downloading it again, you will be able to see that your user session will remain open without having to enter your name and password again. This makes the Android user experience much easier and makes the entire enjoyment of the platform more enjoyable. Of course, remember that maintaining the session and all the data will be something that can only be achieved by archiving the app. Therefore, if you delete it in a classic way, you will lose those elements just as we are used to happening.

And how does this system work on the technical side? What Android does is leave your app in its APK file without anything else. All weight and content of the application is removed. In the case of the example that the expert has made, we can see that his Uber application weighed around 400 MB, but when the file becomes smaller than 20 MB. This can be transcendental in making the daily lives of Android users, especially those who have space problems, much more bearable.

At this time the application archiving system is directly linked to Google Play, but some specialists say that Google is not going to limit its use. In this way, the archive can also be used with applications that you have obtained from any other Android store.

This will be one of the new features of Android 15, a new version of the operating system that will enter the scene on May 14 at the Google I/O 2024 conference. It cannot be said that we are not excited at the sight of all the changes it will bring for users.

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