Forget about low resolution videos, WhatsApp provides a solution to this problem

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whatsapp videos alta resolucion.jpg

whatsapp video high resolution

Just a few days ago, WhatsApp published a new update with a clear novelty: the possibility of sending high-resolution images to our contacts. Now, and as Meta itself stated, the expected functionality also arrives for videos, making it possible to share them in HD resolution.

WhatsApp continues to explore new solutions to improve the user experience of your application, introducing changes and options that allow you to keep your mass of loyal users. One of their most common complaints in recent years referred to the quality of the videos, until now reduced to 480p resolution automatically.

The objective of this measure was twofold: On the one hand, to prevent users from shooting the consumption of your data rates when they couldn’t download their videos over a Wi-Fi network. On the other hand, minimize loading time. However, as operators have opted for oversized data rateseven unlimited, and the main mobile phone manufacturers have also dedicated notable efforts to improve your lenses, Maintaining these limitations in the middle of 2023 no longer made sense. Now, WhatsApp supports HD video.

This is how you can send HD videos through WhatsApp

With the new update, we will be able to choose the resolution with which we want to send the videos. When sharing the video, we will have a new option in the resolution button where we can choose between standard quality, current quality, and HD quality. With this new functionality, we can send the videos in 720p resolution. Considerably improving the options we currently had.

high resolution video whatsapp

In order to avoid excessive data consumption, before sending the video, WhatsApp will inform the user of the file size for each quality. And, based on it, we must make our choice before sending it.

It is important to keep in mind that, as we have already mentioned, the download time of the video in question will be longer. So we must not only take into account our connection, but also that of the potential recipient if they are in a location with an unstable connection or a very weak signal.

Although the update has not yet reached all devices, we recommend staying alert to the application store of our operating system to have the latest version for our device as soon as it is released.

And what happens if we want to send a video in a higher quality?

The video and photography lovers WhatsApp has an important limitation when it comes to sharing any file. While it is true that with this new update the resolution improves considerably, the reality is that it is still far below the 1080 or 4K that a considerable number of devices in the current mobile fleet record.

In this case, in order to share this type of videos we will have to send them as documents from the WhatsApp application itself and the files will be sent with the original quality, without making any understanding of them. An option to take into account when we want to save videos of important events. Alternatively, we could use external applications to share large files.

WhatsApp seems to have focused on audiovisual content during its latest updates. To those already mentioned, with the possibility of send videos and images in high resolution, Added to this is the sending of instant video messages that they announced last July as an enriched formula for the already well-known voice messages.

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