4G calls begin to arrive at Lowi and Finetwork

4g calls begin to arrive at lowi and finetwork.jpg
4g calls begin to arrive at lowi and finetwork.jpg


There are already many operators that have VoLTE calls and VoWiFi calls but now you can start enjoying their advantages if you are a Lowi or Finetwork customer. The clients of these two operators will begin to enjoy this technology that it has already been made official and that will begin to reach all customers in these weeks.

We do not have to use any special application and it will be enough to have a compatible terminal (and make sure that we have activated this function from the phone settings) to start making VoLTE calls. If you are a Lowi or Finetwork customer, the rollout to all users has begun this September and it will be a matter of a few days until it arrives for everyone and you can start using them.

Staggered arrival

Vodafone incorporated this type of technology for its clients almost ten years ago, but it did not do so in all of its brands but in its main one, as is often the case with some functions or features. Now VoLTE calls are not only available on Vodafone, but they also arrive if you are one of the more than one and a half million Lowi customers in our country. Although at the moment it is not known when exactly they will arrive, the operator has explained on the website that it would be progressively from September 2023 and as long as we had a compatible mobile phone and updated and compatible software.

Some users have already received the change and the rest will begin to receive it from this moment. If you are from Lowi, it will be a matter of time before you can enjoy the advantages of this type of calls on your mobile phone and in the coming weeks it will be activated for you.

On the other hand, Finetwork has also announced the arrival of this type of calls for its clients. The OMV has published on its social networks that the VoLTE service is already being activated for all its customers and that it will do so in a phased manner. He has done it through Instagram, assuring his followers and clients that they can write to him by message if they have any questions about it.

What are VoLTE calls

You may not be clear what all this means and you may have come this far without really knowing what this new feature means. VoLTE service is a technology that allows you to make calls through 4G as long as your phone is compatible and your operator allows it. It is important not to confuse them with calls from WhatsApp and other messaging apps because VoLTE calls are “normal” calls that you will make from your mobile app but using this route. The main advantage is that improves voice call quality o reduces background noise but another advantage is that we still have Internet and are connected to the 4G network while we make calls, without interruptions.

volte and vowifi vodafone

To use it we simply have to have a compatible mobile phone and an operator that offers it, like Lowi or Finetwork now. You don’t have to use any special application and generally it will be enough to check the settings of our mobile phone to see if we have this function activated or if our smartphone allows us to enjoy this technology or not.

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