Bumblebee, the new $399 programmable robot from Hasbro and Robosen


Over 5,000 components, 27 servo motors controlled by 60 microchips and $699 in price. These are the “numbers” of Optimus Prime, the first interactive convertible robot launched in 2021 by Hasbro and Robosen.


17 engines, 45 microchips and $399 in price they are instead Bumblebee numbersthe new robot by Robosen and Hasbro, interactive, programmable and controllable both by voice and by smartphone.

This Autobot, as well as his “commander” can walk, squat, kick, lean, dance and push himself off the ground, even on one leg. Unfortunately, there’s one thing it can’t do: transform.

Even if it is a “Transformers”, in fact, with this Bumblebee you can only be satisfied with seeing it perform a variety of poses, walking (it has two speeds that adjust according to movement) and bending backwards in “Matrix” style “, without ever falling over, thanks to a 6-axis IMU. Should that happen, however, Bumblebee will still be able to get up on its own.

Just like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee can also be programmed to perform a series of moves via the app to be installed on your smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android. Using a simple user interface it will be possible to trace a path, manipulate the limbs and customize the movements thanks to the drag-and-drop modules.


Robosen’s Bumblebee also knows respond to 20 different voice commands and pronounce, through its built-in speakers, 69 sentences created by the voice actor of the animated film Transformers G1, Dan Gilvezan.

Finally, the “Mini Theater” function will allow Bumblebee to perform a series of customizable poses, stories and actions, in sync with other Transformers of Robosen.

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