Otter AI Chat, to ask questions about a meeting while it’s in progress

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Otter AIknown for its voice transcription services, has launched a revolutionary chatbot, Otter AI Chatwhich will allow users to interact and ask questions about a meeting while it is in progress.

Transforming Meetings in Real Time

A New Meeting Experience

Unlike traditional transcription services that provide post-meeting summaries, Otter AI Chat offers the ability to consult in real time during the encounter. Users can find out if a specific topic has already been discussed, learn the emotional tone of the meeting or a particular speaker, and ask the AI ​​bot to generate follow-ups and action items based on the content of the meeting.

Inspired by OpenAI, but with a Unique Twist

Otter’s CEO, sam liang, explained that the idea for Otter AI Chat was inspired by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, he clarified that Otter AI Chat does not use OpenAI technology, rather the Otter team developed its own Large Language Model (LLM). The LLM is a type of artificial intelligence that can understand and generate human language.

Otter AI Chat: A Unique Perspective

The Otter LLM is primarily focused on verbal data, which sets it apart from other models that rely on written content. By using verbal data, Otter AI Chat can take advantage of the less formal, interactive style of spoken conversations, as well as understand and extract sentiment from a speaker’s tone.

Collaborative Chat in Real Time

In addition to being an interface between humans and bots, Otter AI Chat enables what Liang calls a “collaborative chat«. All participants in a meeting can interact both with each other and with the AI ​​chat bot in real time.

Upcoming Innovations

Otter AI Chat is currently offered as a text interface in multi-speaker meetings. However, Liang has announced that the company plans to offer AI chat functionality via a voice interface in the future, allowing users to ask and receive answers to their questions via voice commands.

The launch of Otter AI Chat marks a major step forward in transforming how we interact with and get information from our meetings. This development illustrates the power of artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and interactivity in the work environment.

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