We can now save and retrieve our Divi templates in the cloud

divi cloud.jpg
divi cloud.jpg

Since Divi has been around, creating modern, mobile-friendly websites has been so much easier than ever before. Being able to create sites by dragging and dropping elements within a WordPress has opened the doors to many people who, without having programming knowledge, can unleash their creativity.

Much more flexible and powerful than platforms like Wix, Divi has been updated to become a reference in its sector, and now they announce a feature that will make it even more useful.

It is about the presentation of Divi Theme Builder Library, a place where we can save our templates and template sets, integrated with Divi Cloud, so that after creating the design with Theme Builder, we can save the template in the cloud and apply it on another website with a single click. You can save header and footer combinations, post templates, product templates, category templates, and more to the cloud.

Template sets are collections of multiple templates. It can contain, for example, a default website template, a post template and your custom blog layout, and a product template created with Divi’s WooCommerce modules. All this set will be stored in the same way that we see the predesigned templates offered by Divi, to easily retrieve them.

Divi Cloud automatically generates screenshots so we can see the right layout every time, along with information on how the template is used. By clicking on a set of templates, we will have a preview of all the templates included in that set.

The new feature is already available in the latest version of Divi, although remember that Divi Cloud is available with its own pricing plan, starting at $6 per month.

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