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13th Gen Intel Core: Leak reveals full specs, clocks up to 5.8GHz and more

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intel appears to be ready to reveal its 13th generation of processors. After the confirmation of the manufacturer’s CEO and the leak of the alleged announcement date, industry sources have now revealed the full specifications of several models of the “Raptor Lake” family, detailing their features that cater to different audiences.

The information was released by the WCCFTech last Saturday (03). According to leakers, there are a total of 14 desktop processor models that will be released over the next few months with several new features in its integrated graphics cores — that is, except for the “F” variants, which do not have iGPU. Check the details below.

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“K” and “S” series models (Image: WCCFTech)

Of the total, there are six models that should be released initially: Core i9-13900K, Core i7-13700K, Core i5-13600K, Core i9-13900, Core i7-13700 and Core i5-13400. The top five will be equipped with a 32-core Xe A780h GPU and clock speeds of up to 1.6 GHz. The Core i5-13400, meanwhile, would have a 24-core, 1.55GHz A782h GPU.

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In “K” series processors, Intel should allow users to overclock the GPU as well. This line should work with a TDP of 125 W, while the models of the “S” series (without suffix) will have a TDP of 65 W. All will support DDR4 and DDR5 RAM memories up to 5,600 MHz — except for the Core i3, which is limited at 4800 MHz.

The Core i9 will be equipped with even more cores in the 13th generation, and will have a total of 24 Colors (8 high performance + 16 low consumption). The Core i7 takes the configuration of the 12th generation i9 with 16 cores (8 + 8), and the Core i5 now has 14 cores (6 + 8). Such specifications are maintained for models in all lines.

The leak also indicates that Intel is hitting clock frequency records with the “Raptor Lake” family. The Core i9-13900K, for example, manages reach an incredible 5.8 GHz using two cores simultaneously. With all its 8 high-performance cores, the model should reach 5.5 GHz.

Variants without integrated graphics (Image: WCCFTech)

The “F” variants are identical to the original models, but do not have integrated graphics or RAM ECC support, making their prices more affordable.

“T” series models (Image: WCCFTech)
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The “T” series, in turn, is characterized by low-power processors from Intel. There are only two models that should be announced at first: Core i9-13900T and Core i7-13700T, both with 35W TDP — that is, at base clock. Aimed at business applications, the line also offers iGPU and ECC.

The leakers claim that the Embargo on processor sales ends October 20, that is, the hardware may begin to be available at retail from this date. It is possible that the “K” series will burn the start, while the “S” and “T” series will only be presented at the beginning of next year, such as during CES 2023.

What do you expect from Intel’s new generation of processors? Comment!

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