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Zoom launches email and calendar clients and services in beta

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What is promised is debt, and as part of the celebration of the annual Zoomtopia event, Zoom has just presented the official arrival of its new email and calendar clients and services.

These releases, which are now in beta, are aimed at small and medium-sized business customers “who especially value email privacy”, and who will also have them available as part of the new Zoom One interface, along with other tools. such as Team Chat, Whiteboard, Phone and Meetings, allowing them to reduce what they call “toggle tax”.

Everything you need for communication and collaboration under the same app

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And while Zoom Mail and Calendar customers can also be used by free account users, allowing them to access their third-party email accounts, the email and calendar services will be available to users with Zoom One Pro or Zoom Standard plans. Pro at no additional cost, while users with Zoom One Business plans or higher can also set up a custom domain.

Zoom clarifies that:

Zoom Mail Service is designed for small and medium-sized businesses without dedicated IT resources that also need enhanced privacy in their business communications, such as law firms or any company that needs to share private information within their team.

Zoom notes that its new email service will feature end-to-end encryption when messages are sent between users of Zoom’s mail service. And regarding its calendar service, it will include a function that will allow business customers to book appointments.

In this way, Zoom becomes a more complete online solution than what platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have been offering for a long time, with the idea of ​​having everything under one place instead of using services from different companies, and especially when the pandemic has made Zoom one of the solutions that have made meetings possible, virtually, at a time when face-to-face attendance has been reduced to the essentials in some areas.

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This, logically, means that companies can take advantage of the fact that since they are in Zoom, they can transfer part of the functions that they still had with third parties to within the Zoom ecosystem.

But these have not been the only announcements in Zoomtopia, as they have also unveiled other features such as Zoom Spots, aimed at bringing interactions to in-person workflows, by having the active webcams of the colleagues themselves in a virtual space, in addition to to arrive Zoom Virtual Agent, an AI-based chatbot with which to reduce telephone calls when resolving customer doubts.

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