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Zoom bets on Claude, Anthropic’s chatbot, to improve its services

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Zoom, the online communication services platform, which managed to become popular with the coronavirus pandemic, continues to bet on the integration of generative Artificial Intelligence technologies.

As they point out in a statement today, they have just reached an agreement with Anthropic, a rival company to OpenAI and backed by companies like Google, for the integration of Claude, their own chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence officially launched on the market last March , across the platform.

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Claude will arrive first at Zoom Contact Center

According to Zoom’s plans, Claude’s integration will begin with the Zoom Contact Center portfolio of services (Zoom Virtual Agent, Zoom Contact Center, Zoom Workforce Management) to, they say, elevate the quality of “customer experiences through better self-service and the ability to accurately understand customer intent.”

Over time, it will expand the integration of Claude to the rest of the services, without specifying for the moment the functions that the chatbot will perform specifically in each one of them.

Regarding Zoom Contact Center, Zoom says that Claude will guide clients to the best possible resolution, provide actionable insights that will allow company managers to better train their (human) agents, and improve productivity thanks to your unified experience as a contact and communications center.

In addition, in the future, Claude will be able to offer adequate resources for agent training that leads to an exceptional experience for end-customers, regardless of the reason for the calls they make.

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Zoom also has agreements with its competition, OpenAI

It should be remembered that the company also has an agreement with OpenAI, as part of its federated approach to AI, for the integration of its technology to Zoom IQ with which to be able to summarize chat threads, organize ideas, write content for chats, emails and whiteboard sessions, create meeting agendas, and much more.

Zoom once again states that:

Zoom’s federated approach to AI leverages its own proprietary AI models, along with those of leading AI companies such as Anthropic, and select client models. With this flexibility to incorporate multiple model types, Zoom is able to provide the greatest value for the diverse needs of its customers. Zoom will be able to customize these models to work best for a client based on their specific business needs.

Zoom strengthens relations with Anthropic through an investment round

And they close the announcement by noting that through Zoom Ventures, the Zoom branch focused on making investments in other companies, has just made an investment in Anthropic, without specifying the amount, only that with it it will strengthen the relationship between both companies.

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