Zoom also officially arrives on Google TV and Android TV, but not for everyone

zoom also officially arrives on google tv and android tv,
zoom also officially arrives on google tv and android tv,


Zoom is also coming to Google TV and Android TV, but it won’t be available to everyone right away. In fact, the “Zoom for TV” app will initially be exclusive to i televisions from the Bravia range from Sony as part of the agreement entered into with Google for the 2022 launch of Bravia Cam, a webcam capable of performing various functions. The app will only be compatible with Sony TVs that support this accessory.


Zoom is a video conferencing and online collaboration application that allows people to communicate and interact through video, audio and chat. It was developed by Zoom Video Communications and has gained significant popularity in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when many people have had to work from home or study remotely.

With Zoom, you can organize virtual meetings, group calls and webinars. The application offers features such as high definition video calling, screen sharing, group chat, virtual handshake and meeting recording.


Bravia Cam comes standard with some high-end Sony TVs (attaches with a magnetic clip) and is optional for other OLEDs (connects via USB). A physical switch allows you to turn it off completely when its use is not required. Bravia Cam also enables Ambient Optimization Pro, an advanced version of the optimizations made through the sensors that detect the conditions present in the environment.

Sony’s Bravia Cam

Furthermore, the webcam can also be used to control the TV via gesture commands: switching on and off, changing the channel, adjusting the volume, play / pause, etc. To avoid getting too close to the screen you can use the Proximity Alert, a function that shows an alert message on the screen if the user is too close.

It now remains to be seen if and when Zoom will also arrive on other Google TV or Android TV devices. Zoom will also support tvOS which, starting with version 17, which is currently in beta testing, offers a feature that allows users to connect an iPhone to act as a wireless webcam for their TV.

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