Zoho Cliq 3.0, an ideal platform for hybrid, home and on-site jobs

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zoho cliq.jpg

Zoho Cliq was known to be a good platform for doing jobs remotely. Videoconferencing, meetings, documents … all in one place.

The fact is that many people who previously only worked from home, have now returned to the office, even if only for a few days, so it is necessary to renew the platforms to adapt to the new reality of hybrid work.

Cliq 3.0 now allows you to record calls and meetings, scheduling them or recording at the time when remote conferences are taking place. We can, during such meetings, use a digital whiteboard to visually exchange ideas, as well as interact with gestures, polls, and animated GIFs.

It is possible to organize audio conferences of up to 1000 participants in a single call, assign co-hosts who can also mute and unmute participants, use animated background effects to hide the real background of our house, get a complete view of all participants in a meeting in the form of a grid, put audio meetings in stage view mode, invite people outside the organization using only one link, sort pinned chats into categories, send video clips and screen recordings via chat, select multiple messages in the chat and add a collective message action (such as adding a task in Todoist, a note in Zoho Notebook, or more), setting quick reactions with shortcuts, one-click switching between Zoho Projects and Zoho Cliq (ideal for project management), integrate with Zoho Notebook to access notebooks from the Notes section, use widgets in the navigation sidebar, useful set up a task management system, work from the mobile application …

The new version, announced today, has a free version with unlimited users, leaving for the premium version other functions such as unlimited search for messages, 100 GB of space per user, Custom domain, custom user roles and permissions, User groups (teams ), exclusive security policy for equipment and others.

You can use it at zoho.com/cliq