You’ve already been here 78 times: how to know how many times you’ve visited a place with Google Maps

youve already been here 78 times how to know how.webp.webp.webp
youve already been here 78 times how to know how.webp.webp.webp

Do you get the impression that you always end up going to the same restaurant? Maybe the place you are in sounds familiar to you and you don’t know if you visited it before? If you have the Google Maps chronology active, it is quite possible that you can clear up doubts.

If you have location history turned on, Google take note of all the sites you visit and the best of all is that you can check it later to find out how many cities you have visited or how many times you have been to a specific place.

All the times you’ve gone somewhere

You probably already know that on Google Maps you can see when it was the last time you visited a site, since it is something that appears on the information panel of a place. A little more hidden is the complete list with the specific data of when all the visits occurred. At least, the visits of which Google is aware, because unless you correct and add information to the Google Maps chronology, it is normal that some remain unrecorded.

So, if you are curious to know how many times you have been to a place, all you have to do is search for it on Google Maps and open its information section. Where it tells you when was the last time you visited said site, display the arrow to show the latest visits.


The thing does not end here, but you can tap on View on timeline to show you the entire list of each and every visit of which you are aware, including the day, date and how long the visit lasted.

If you have had the timeline active for years, it is magical to say the least (and a bit scary too, I won’t deny it) to see each and every visit in detailbeing able to tap on one of them to see other places you visited on that same day seven years ago.


At least it will help you satisfy curiosity or settle an argument about whether you have been to the same place 30 times or not. Maybe what happens is that you don’t like Google having this data about you, in which case you can always deactivate the timeline and delete the previous data, although then your curiosity about whether you have been to a place before will never be satisfied.

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