Youtuber creates an automated bar counter using Alexa


It is likely that you like to go out to a bar from time to time, order drinks and enjoy the atmosphere that the place offers.

However, it may be that on some occasions you want to enjoy those drinks in the comfort of your home while watching TV, or simply relaxing in your favorite chair, although this would imply that you are the one in charge of preparing them.

In that sense, the bartending position is one that robotics has long contemplated to be filled one day by robots, although there is the possibility of being able to semi-automate this task in your home.

For this you can resort to the use of devices such as the Black & Deckers Bevwhich consists of a device where all you have to do is place the bottles of alcohol and select one of the options offered in the preparation of drinks.

But if you are someone with tool management skills and some programming knowledge, you may have the opportunity to build a cocktail machine with a Raspberry Pi, so you can make a drink with the push of a button.

The latter was what Audax ended up doing, a youtuber who went beyond building a simple giant black box for alcohol dispenser to create something a little more elegant.

Making use of the possibility offered Amazon Alexa allowing the user to create their own voice-activated routines, Audax set out to schedule the smart assistant so that it would recognize your voice requests to carry out the preparation of four different drinks.

And although in the video the youtuber does not specify the type of hardware he used, the team may be able to recognize some components, including a development board Arduino Mega 2560 that fulfilled the function of controlling the pumping mechanisms, as well as the servos in charge of raising and lowering the dispensing nozzles.

As a result Audax managed to create a drink vending machine that allows you to see the components inside through its glass decorated with elegant lighting, although it was camouflaged to make it look like a simple side table.

Also, this practical invention has a kind of 3d printed elevator that is in charge of lowering the glass, so that it is later filled with the requested drink and returned to the surface again.

Although the device still does not achieve absolute autonomy in its actions, it cannot be denied that it has enough potential for Amazon to take it as an inspiration to develop something of its own that can fulfill a similar function.

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