YouTube will allow you to create quizzes

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YouTube Communities, which can be used by admins of channels that have a minimum of 500 subscribers to make social media-like posts, will soon allow add quizzesa new function that is already being tested on the platform and that will increase the interaction between the content creator and the members of their channel.

YouTube Communities extend the dialogue with the viewers of a channel beyond the comments on the videos

Seeking to strengthen the links between the content creator and their viewers, YouTube years ago added Communities that allow direct contact with the audience and that generate a space that goes beyond the comments that accompany the publication of each video.

With the questionnaires, the content creator will be able to offer the participants of his Community the opportunity to verify their level of knowledge on a certain subject and thus evaluate it.

Precisely the Communities fulfill this function of gathering participants around a specific topic without the need to generate and publish a specific video so that it is in their comments where the conversation about the subject in question takes place. They are similar to the Communities that WhatsApp is also preparing and which some users of the instant messaging service already enjoy.

From YouTube it is emphasized that by adding the possibility of carrying out questionnaires within the Communities, this two-way communication is enriched, allowing interesting options, especially pointing out as beneficiaries of this new function to educational channelswhich will serve as a tool to support users in their learning process.

At the moment this new function is undergoing preliminary tests by YouTube and is only available to a small group of creators in charge of evaluating its operation. No deadlines for its expansion to other users have been communicated, although its development seems to be sufficiently advanced so that it is not a function that takes too long to be incorporated. Curiously, the possibility of creating Surveys in WhatsApp was also launched just a few days ago.

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