YouTube will allow the use of automatic subtitles for all users

youtube logo with shapes
youtube logo with shapes
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YouTube logo with shapes

Until now, YouTube only offered the function of automatic subtitles on channels that had more than 1,000 subscribers. However, in the coming months it will be able to be activated by all users.

Automatic subtitles are available in thirteen languages, including Spanish

This has been confirmed by the company, which will eliminate the initial limitation in force and allow subtitles to be added automatically to the videos, which in the coming months will be extended to all users, without limitation of subscribers in the channels, which allows expanding the potential number of viewers by facilitating the understanding of the content of the video to those who do not speak the original language in which it is spoken.

On the other hand, the subtitles also facilitate the understanding of the video for those with hearing difficulties. The available languages ​​are German, Korean, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indonesian, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Vietnamese, expanding to other languages ​​later and gradually.

Despite the existence of this service that YouTube offers in an automated way, from the platform itself they encourage users of their channels to use professionals for this work. And is that the process by which the subtitles are automatically added it is not instantaneous and it also depends, both for its effectiveness and for when it is attached to the video, on the complexity of the audio contained in the video.

The automatic subtitling offered by YouTube is based on the speech instruction recognition technology, so it may present some bugs that the platform itself warns about depending on the pronunciation, accent, dialects or background noise present in the video. That is why YouTube recommends that you check the final result of the subtitles incorporated into the video, in order to detect and correct possible faults.