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YouTube will add a new function that will make it easier to listen to music from Android

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If you switch between the YouTube app and YouTube Music when you are on your android mobile, the new dynamic that could be implemented soon will serve you.

An option that will save you time and that will make it easy for you to switch between applications to listen to music without having to do any extra action.

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New YouTube option to listen to music

A few days ago, YouTube changed the player interface when we have the video in full screen. A new dynamic that allows you to have all the popular features (such as Likes, Comments, Shares, Watch Later, etc.) always at hand, without the need to leave full screen mode.

But it is not the only update that we will see in the YouTube app on Android, since there are other news on the way. As mentioned in Xda Developers, the APK of the YouTube app reveals a new function that could be implemented in a future version.

At the moment, it is not a feature that is available, but some clues are revealed in the APK code. This is a new option that will allow you to switch to the YouTube Music app from YouTube.

For example, if you’re browsing YouTube and come across a video or playlist that you’d like to just listen to the audio, you won’t have to manually go to YouTube Music and search again in the app. In this case, YouTube will offer you the option “Listen with YouTube Music”.

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So just by pressing that button you will go directly to YouTube Music to continue watching the videos or listen only to the audio. Of course, an option that will only work if you are a premium subscriber.

It can be a practical dynamic for those who alternate between the two apps to watch videos and content from their favorite artists. At the moment, it seems to be in development, so we will have to wait to see if it finally reaches the YouTube app.

Another feature we hope to see implemented on YouTube is the one we mentioned in a previous article: the ability to loop only part of the video. An option that is under development along with other experimental YouTube features

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