YouTube wants to prevent the impersonation of Youtubers through fan channels

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1687532895 334967 1687532982 rrss normal.jpg

Little by little, YouTube continues to implement new features to improve its service. Without going any further, a few days ago we told you about the arrival of a new premium Full HD resolution that improves the quality of views for users of the paid version of YouTube. And now it seems that Google wants to cap fan accounts that are excessively similar to those of some content creators, making it difficult to tell which is which, and in some cases even leading to channel impersonation. So, YouTube is going to change the policies to become much more restrictive in this regard. To the point that some fan channels are going to shut down for sure. YouTube will close fan channels if they do not meet certain requirements YouTube has thousands of active channels, and in the case of the largest ones, they accumulate millions of subscribers, becoming a method of earning a living. As you will see in the update of their policies, a few changes are coming. And in the case of fan channels, there are some that offer content based on that of the original creator, but others border on plagiarism, since what they do is shoot content, going from being a fan account to really being a channel that impersonates another channel. To prevent that, YouTube is updating its policies on spoofing and how it engages with fan channels, which border on spoofing in a very dangerous way. So they have launched some new policies in which they indicate that fan channels are allowed, but they will not be able to have any content from the original, or anything like it. In the event that the fan channel looks similar to the original, or has small details such as the same profile photo or a similar background, it will be closed immediately. To prevent this, Google recommends that creators explicitly state that the account is a fan channel, and that it “does not represent the original creator, artist, or entity that the channel celebrates.” In the event that you have a YouTube channel of this type, we invite you to review the conditions that the platform has imposed and make the pertinent changes in the shortest possible time because it will not take long for them to apply a heavy hand and close any channel they consider which is a plagiarism of another. >

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