YouTube wants to make you pay for Premium: these are its new ideas

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806679370 237276878 1200x630.jpg

YouTube will offer its Premium users the opportunity to try out the new features coming to the platform before they come out.

Google has plans to enhance its YouTube Premium service, with which it offers its users in Spain advantages such as free access to YouTube Music, remove ads on the platform and even be able to recover playback where it was left off at any time.

Now, after the company makes changes to its policies to regulate content generated by artificial intelligence, it seems that it is close to introducing some features on the platform based on this technology that had already been anticipated.

It is certainly not the only technology company that is promoting the use of artificial intelligence on its platforms, since others like Microsoft are also doing the same. It is not clear that these functions will arrive in Spain at the same time as the United States, but the truth is that the platform is already offering some YouTube Premium users to try its new functions in advance.

YouTube has announced that members of its Premium subscription will have prior access to 2 tools that the company has been working on in recent months. It is, on the one hand, a conversational artificial intelligence who will be able to answer questions and suggest related content.

This can be used without having to interrupt the video being watched, and provide assistance to the user to find similar videos or clarify their doubts regarding the video itself, so It can be a very useful tool to find other videos that may be of interest. To activate it you will have to click on a button with the word “Ask”, which will appear below the video.

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The other function that Premium users can try aims to summarize the comments section to organize it in a better way and encourage users to participate and debate in this section, something that favors participation on the platform.

The negative point is that, for the moment, these functions will only be available in the United States, and they will not even reach all users yet, but only some selected among the subscribers, so that they can access this function before the company releases it in a stable manner.