YouTube Vanced fades: the alternative to YouTube closes after receiving pressure from Google

To watch YouTube on your mobile, you have several alternatives: the web, the official application and a lot of applications that serve as unofficial clients and bring added functions, as is the case with YouTube Vanced. Or how it was: YouTube Vanced closes due to legal problems.

The YouTube Vanced team has announced On twitter what the project has been suspended, so downloads from your website will no longer be available in the next few days. Vanced offered extra features like a pure AMOLED theme, ad blocking, and a “dislike” button.

Goodbye YouTube Vanced


YouTube Vanced has announced its imminent closure due to legal problems with Google. The app was something like the official version of YouTube, but with a few modifications to add extra features, such as dark AMOLED theme, background playback, turning off the “dislike” button or blocking ads that you can even skip messages from sponsors, intros and the like.

Although the application did not include support for downloads, this has not been enough to placate Google, which has finally decided to take action on the matter. After receiving the termination request from Google, the creators of Vanced have announced that the application is no longer supported.

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This means that there will be no more updates and downloads from your website will no longer be available in the next few days, although it is likely that current versions keep working for some time. In another tweet, its creators estimate that they could keep running for about two yearsbefore becoming outdated.

So if you were using YouTube Vanced, you can continue to use it for now, though you will not receive any further updates or features and sooner or later it will stop working. What you can do is switch to one of the alternatives that are still standing, such as NewPipe.