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YouTube tests the Picture in picture on iOS 14: arrived at the first users

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tests-the-Picture-in-picture-on-ios-14-arrived.jpg" alt="YouTube tests the Picture in picture on iOS 14: arrived at the first users" />

The Picture in Picture feature is highly appreciated by a certain type of user. In fact, it allows you to continue viewing your favorite content while performing other activities by offering a higher degree of multitasking.

In particular, according to what was reported by 9to5Mac and PhoneArena, the Mountain View company has provided some users who have installed the Beta version of iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 the ability to view the contents published on its platform in the window, continuing to carry out the classic activities in the remainder of the screen. This is a feature that Android users have known for some time, as we told you in this guide dating back to 2017. Among other things, through the fourth Developer Preview of Android 11, the Mountain View company has made the player resizable.

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In any case, iPhone users are finally starting to “taste” this possibility through the iOS 14 Beta. Until now this feature only worked with applications like Twitch, but now the first people are also experimenting with it on YouTube. However, apparently you have to be enrolled in theYouTube Premium paid membership. In fact, it seems that the option to activate the feature is not available for those who have not subscribed to this subscription. Indeed, we tried to search for the option through our YouTube account, but we couldn’t find it.

We also remind you that, as you can read on the official Google website, in Italy the Picture in picture feature is only available for YouTube Premium subscribers also for Android. A choice that has been making our local users turn up their noses for years now, given that in the United States of America you can use the PiP for free from Android Oreo onwards simply sipping some advertising.

In any case, it is still interesting that Google is working on a Picture in Picture feature in regards to iOS 14 / iPadOS 14. Find an image and a video at the bottom of the news.

The example image you see on the cover was created using the iOS 14 Beta Picture in Picture feature via the official Twitch application (and not YouTube’s).

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