YouTube tests a feature that shows the most viewed parts of videos

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youtube blanco.jpg
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YouTube has been testing a functionality, for its Android application, which allows users to see which are the most important parts of a video by moving the progress bar, so that we can move to the parts most viewed by users of the video, without having to see it at the full.

The ability to navigate to the most important parts or to view a thumbnail of the frame are designed to adapt to new ways of consuming content and browsing.

In 2021, YouTube launched a feature that allowed us to use the video progress bar to scroll through it while viewing a thumbnail of the frame. YouTube is taking advantage of this dynamic for its new test function, since it allows you to see what the most important parts of the video are.

YouTube extracts information from the video views to recognize which are the most important parts, from those parts that have sGone more views by users. This way, as a user scrolls through the video progress bar, they can see a graph that will highlight the most viewed sections of the video.

In this way, if a video is too long, it contains parts in which it offers information that is not of our interest or, when we know that the presenter offers extensive presentations, we can skip all those parts in a simple way, jumping to the most important. This dynamic, together with the possibility of watching videos at higher speeds, offers us the possibility of enjoying long videos quickly and easily, adapting to the new forms of consumption Quick.

This feature has been testing only on some YouTube videos and only for those users with a YouTube Premium subscription. For now there is no information about the future of this functionality, since the development team has not said if it will be officially implemented on YouTube or not, so we will have to wait to find out more.